SIBO Test Result Interpretation


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Why We Provide The SIBO Test Result Interpretation Service?

We increasingly encountered clients who arrive feeling despondent as their health fails to improve. Often, the root cause lies in the misinterpretation of their SIBO test results, leading them down the wrong treatment path. Recognising this, I have chosen to offer this service to assist you in obtaining the correct treatment protocol to effectively combat SIBO.

What Happens Next?

After purchasing the SIBO test result interpretation service, you will receive an email from the SIBO clinic requesting your SIBO test result.  We may request additional details about your symptoms, and any previous test results or treatments you’ve undergone. Once this information is submitted, the interpretation process commences, typically following these steps:

  1. Interpretation: Based on the findings of the test, we will interpret the results. This involves assessing the levels of hydrogen and methane gases in your breath samples and comparing them to established thresholds for SIBO diagnosis.
  2. Clinical Correlation: The interpreted SIBO test results correlate with your clinical symptoms and medical history. This step helps to determine the significance of the findings and their relevance to your overall health condition.
  3. Identification of Treatment Protocol: Once the test results are interpreted and correlated with your clinical presentation, the SIBO Clinic will recommend a personalised treatment protocol. This may include dietary modifications, antimicrobial therapy, probiotics, lifestyle changes, or other interventions to address bacterial overgrowth and relieve symptoms.
  4. Explanation and Guidance: You will receive a detailed explanation of the test results and their implications for your health. The SIBO Clinic will also offer guidance on implementing the recommended treatment protocol, including instructions on supplement dosage, dietary adjustments, and lifestyle modifications.

Overall,  our SIBO test result interpretation service offers you expert guidance and support, enabling a comprehensive understanding of your test results.